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Frenectomy – Murphy, TX

Oral Function Made Easier for Your Baby

Does your baby have trouble latching on when breastfeeding? Is your child having difficulty with many textures in solid food? Does your child struggle with making specific sounds as they speak? They could have a lip or tongue tie interfering with their oral function. Here with Dr. Gandhi, we can examine your little one and take necessary action through a frenectomy in Murphy! To see if a lip or tongue tie could be causing problems, contact us and schedule a consultation today!

How Do Lip and Tongue Ties Develop?

mom and newborn with nursing trouble and needing a frenectomy in Murphy

Whether their lip or tongue tie identified soon after birth or later in your child’s life, you may be wondering if you did something wrong, but you didn’t! During gestation, the excess tissue connecting the upper lip to the gums and the tongue to the floor of the mouth is supposed to disappear while your baby is in utero. In some cases, for whatever reason, this tissue remains after birth.

Why is it Important to Treat Lip & Tongue Ties?

newborn baby with a lip or tongue tie (for How Do Lip and Tongue Ties Develop section)

Having a tiny bit of tissue, called a frenulum, under the tongue or upper lip doesn’t automatically mean it needs to be removed. However, when the frenulum is especially thick or restrictive, it can impair a child’s ability to latch on properly while nursing and eventually have trouble eating solid foods. Later on, they can experience difficulty articulating certain sounds while learning to talk. Fortunately, this problem can quickly be resolved through a simple procedure.

Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

older child with a tongue tie (for the Why Is It Important to Treat section)

To perform a frenectomy, or treatment for lip and tongue ties, traditionally the excess tissue needed to be cut with a scalpel. As you might imagine, this procedure wasn’t particularly comfortable and caused some bleeding. At Murphy Dental Home, we take advantage of some of the industry’s most advanced technology, which in this case is a soft tissue laser. This device severs and cauterizes soft tissue gently with very little pain and bleeding.